Hi! I am Filomena, but you can call Filo, because it’s shorter, or Choco too … because I love chocolate.


I am a student of the fourth year of journalism, with courses in Fashion History and enthusiast of a thousand different things. In the future, I plan to dedicate myself to uniting journalism, fashion and art in my life and furniture design: I do not want to create fashion; I want to study and think fashion from a historical and artistic point of view. Recently I am doing a lot of DIY in making simple furniture for my room.

I’m a bit eccentric, but quite common in many ways. I deeply love literature, but I have a special weakness for fantasy and dystopian books. My favorite style of music is power, melodic and heavy metal, and at the same time I love everything that is delicate, feminine and romantic.

My personal style of clothing is heavily influenced, most of the time, by the Japanese fashions I frequently use and subcultures that I am a part of. Therefore, it will not always meet the most “normal” or mainstream.

However, like anyone with varied tastes, my inspirations are diverse: going through Marie Antoinette, 50’s and even my favorite drawings, books and movies. I believe that everything we love represents a bit of us, and sometimes our aesthetic vision chooses to follow on one side just by admiring it more visually. I do not want to be in the trend: just express myself, have fun and even wear clothes like my super hero cape, which makes me feel stronger in everyday life.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog, that you can have fun, laugh and, somehow, enjoy this space. Thank you for your visit, kindness and support.